Boost your public consultations with augmented reality

City SenseTM accompagne les organisations qui veulent faciliter leurs actions de communication, de médiation et de concertation auprès des citoyens. Notamment, grâce à la réalité augmentée et une application mobile.

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Connect with citizens

City SenseTM facilitates the ambition of your urban projects by involving all stakeholders in a holistic way.

Optimise your consultations

Lack of visibility can harm your brand image, by giving the impression that you want to impose an urban development project on citizens.

Engage in citizen discussion

Lack of citizen involvement can lead to inconclusive results and create a lack of general data.

Help citizens project themselves

The difficulty of projecting oneself into an urban development can create citizen frustration at the beginning of the work and cause penalizing tensions.

Connection | Energise public consultation

91% of citizens have never participated in a consultation

The current public consultation mechanisms leave out many opinions and are no longer suitable for consultation. This contributes to the increase in appeals.

With the City Sense TM application you can engage a wider population and offer a public consultation application focused on mobile accessibility and user experience.

Simple and innovative management
of your citizen consultations


Get involved in a grassroots democracy

Give citizens access to your urban projects at real size, thanks to Augmented Reality. Let them benefit from a new projection experience by hearing the voice of the inhabitants, concerned about the evolution of their environment.

Augmented reality

Increase citizen involvement

Create an interactive and innovative engagement with a real-time tour of the project under development. Make people discover your urban project on site and take into account their user experiences.

Public consultation

Benefit from advanced statistics

During your public consultations, use realistic data from the points of view collected from citizens during their visits in real time using Augmented Reality. Find out how citizens feel about your urban development.


Why City Sense?

device 2 | Boost public consultation

Mobile and PC application

From your computer or on the move, access the geolocated consultations on the interactive map.

padlock | Boost public consultation

Secure infrastructure

Enjoy a powerful application anywhere thanks to technical and security updates.

storage space | Make public consultation more dynamic


Complies with European data security rules.

interface | Make public consultation more dynamic

Easy to use

A simple and fluid interface to discover and visualise your consultations.

Optimize your public consultations

Thanks to City SenseTM, facilitate and control your citizen communication and collect the necessary data to avoid delaying the progress of your urban projects.