Facilitate and control your citizen communication with augmented reality

City SenseTM supports developers in the realisation of their citizen consultation projects.

Avoid penalizing delays in your projects

Grâce à City SenseTM, vous impliquez les citoyens dans une communication publique innovante en récoltant les données nécessaires pour éviter de retarder l’avancement de vos projets urbains.

Consult the citizens

Publish your projects and make them easily visible to nearby citizens on an iOS and Android compatible mobile application!

Control your communication

By making consultation fun and innovative thanks to Augmented Reality, you will increase citizens' responses and opinions.

Reduce the risk and cost of delays
These consultation-related delays are passed on to the final cost of the project via penalties. Optimise this cost with the visibility of City SenseTM.

Create the citizen link

Thanks to citizen involvement, collect opinions and impressions in real time!



Facilitate and control your citizen communication

Boost your communication by making the citizen consultation fun and innovative. Strengthen the dissemination of information to local residents and potential buyers.


Meet the consultation obligation

Publish your projects and make them easily visible to citizens. Collect opinions.



Reducing the costs of conflict

Urban planning projects sometimes generate conflicts between stakeholders, resulting in lengthy and costly implementation.


Generate leads

Generate leads and save money while minimising conflicts during the implementation phase.

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Gain visibility

With City SenseTM, communicate effectively with citizens about your real estate projects.

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Public or restricted visibility

Loading 3D models or 2D Perspectives

Public or Private Consultations

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